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Give your lawn a breath of fresh air!  Hard, compacted soils take away your lawn's breath and keep water and fertilizer away from the roots.  Aeration involves pulling plugs of soil from the lawn and depositing them on the surface of the ground.  This process creates thousands of growth pockets to catch water, air, and fertilizer to increase rooting.  The effect is to loosen the soil, which gives roots more room for growth.   Recommended every 1 - 2 years.

Brown Patch Reduction Program

Brown patch is caused by a fungus which produces an ugly yellow area that begins in the fall and lasts until spring.  Once your soil has the fungus, chances are you will have yearly brown patch problems.


The program consists of 3 separate treatments approximately 3-4 weeks apart.  As part of our full service program, we will spot treat for Brown Patch if a yard is showing signs of the fungus.  However, spot treating does not fend off the onset of the fungus in the fall when temperatures begin to drop at night.

Fire Ant Control

Greenup offers a control program for the red imported fire ants which is guaranteed for one full year from the date of service.  Fire ants can be in your lawn and landscape even when you do not have visible mounds present.  By using our program, it will eliminate the need for you to purchase and apply chemicals to control these pests.   By using our fire ant control program, mounds will die not just move to another area of your property.

Tree Fertilization

Help your trees become healthy and lush by having them professionally fertilized by trained technicians.  Fertilization of landscape trees is important because they are often grown out of their native habitats and are subject to adverse soil and environmental conditions.


Our fertilizer is a complete slow-release product that feeds up to one year.  It provides all the nutrients the trees need so that they will become vigorous, well-maintained trees which are more resistant to many insects, disease, and pests.  Well fertilized trees are more attractive and provide a greater asset to properties.

Worm Reduction Treatment

3-in-1 Worm Treatment.

Please see Worm Reduction Treatment.