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Greenup is registered as a Veteran-Owned Business!

Family owned and operated - serving the Houston metropolitan area since 1984!

Greenup purchased ABC lawn fertilization customers as of
 May 26, 2016

Please visit the following link regarding the acquisition on the Green Industry Pros website titled:  "Acquisiton Nearly Doubles Houston Contractor's Customer Base" By Gregg Wartgow on JUN 1, 2016


Greenup is the proud recipient of six

BBB "Awards for Excellence" 
2013 BBB "Pinnacle Award" Winner

Greenup is proud to have won the

2012 Super Service Award!


Greenup Lawn and Shrub Fertilization

Lawn & Shrub Fertilization

The Greenup lawn and shrub fertilization program consists of 7 specifically designed and seasonally scheduled service visits.  Each visit is tailored to your lawn's specific needs.  Besides fertilizing your lawn and shrubs, we treat for weeds, diseases, and insects at the proper time of year before they have a chance to create problems.  We also provide free service calls to address issues that arise between scheduled visits. 


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Trust your lawn and shrub fertilizing needs to Greenup!  Your Greenup lawn specialist is a trained professional who knows your landscape's needs.  Beautiful lawns and shrubs don't just happen, they are made!  Greenup uses the best available materials on your lawn and shrubs.  We have the most sophisticated program in Houston which will allow your landscape to look its best. 


Greenup also offers special services besides fertilizing your lawn and shrubs. 


  • Aerations   (recommended yearly)
  • Brown Patch Reduction Program   (3 treatments in the fall)
  • Fire Ant Control program   (Guaranteed for one year!)
  • Grub Worm Prevention   (offered early summer)
  • Tree Deep Root Feeding

Fire Ant Control Program

Greenup offers a fire ant control program for the red imported fire ant which is guaranteed for one year. Should you have a reinfestation of the ants within this year, we will return and retreat your lawn and landscape at not charge. Fire ants can be in your lawn and landscape even when you do not have visible mounds present. By using our program it will eliminate the need for you to purchase and apply chemicals to control these pests. 

We have an Agronomist on staff with a Masters of Agriculture degree from the Texas A&M University, as well as a Certified Professional Turf Manager.  Our technicians who service your account are licensed Certified Applicators through the Texas Department of Agriculture with a minumum of 5 years experience in the industry.


Greenup is a member of the Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) and the Texas Turfgrass Association.


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Greenup is committed to you, our customer,

in providing a quality service with quality products

at an affordable price. 

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